Helping farmers to effectively plant the right crops in the right place and weather

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Real Time Weather

Want to know about the local weather forecast? Agrolly gives you real-time prevision of rain, storm, ice & snow reports. Hourly and daily forecast.

Long Term Weather Forecast

Want to efficiently plan your plantation? We provide you one-year rainfall (mm) and temperature forecast by city. We periodically run several models to give you better accuracy.

Crops Risk

Want to know the impacts that the weather can have on your plan? We combine the weather forecast with the crop water requirements using FAO* standards, which are tailored for the location of each farmer, type of crop, and stage of the plantation. In a visual and interactive scream.

Get connected

Want to connect to other farmers, agronomists, experts, and bankers? Agrolly can support you to network with others whom you can learn and exchange know-how. 

*Contact specialist

Need professional help? Agrolly can help you to talk to agronomists and experts.

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*Services & Sells

Want to sell your old machine? Or want to share the price of a specialist consult? Agrolly provides a place where you can sell, exchange or buy everything with other farmers.

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Manoela Morais


BS in Chemical Engineering, MBA in Business. MS in Automation and MS in Financial Risk Management. Certified PMP, SCOR-P, APICS and Six Sigma.


 Ajinkya Datalkar


MS in Computer Science and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications, For any queries related to AGROLLY-INDIA drop an email at


Chimka Munkhbayar

Asia Head of Sales & Marketing

BA in Informatics and MBA in Entrepreneurship. Fulbright scholar 2018-2020.


Helen Tsai

Web developer lead/ CTO Agrolly-India

MS in Computer Science and Bachelor in Business Finance, AI and IOT Software developer, Specialized in Java, Javascript, C#, MySQL, MongoDB and node.js

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