What we do

Agrolly helps rural household farmers to tackle the challenges of climate change and increase financial credits. Agrolly connects rural household farmers and provides an integrated analysis of weather, water, and soil for productive planting. With Agrolly, farmers will be able to plan production efficiently and prevent disaster risks caused by extreme weather conditions. Local banks can leverage Agrolly to calculate the risks and provide more inclusive loans and credits to rural farmers.

Why we do it

Rural household farmers are the ones who least contribute to climate change, yet the most vulnerable to changing economic and climatic conditions. The agricultural farming sector is mostly not advanced so that household farmers traditionally lack access to crucial resources to improve their income and fight climate change. Local banks need to enhance loan and credit systems for household farmers by effectively calculating the risk and opportunities in the agricultural farming sector.


Agrolly will advance agricultural farming in developing countries and improve the rural economy by empowering rural household farmers and supporting local banks and financial institutes.


Agrolly will be the most effective catalyst for innovative tech-driven solutions to the agricultural sector and environmental challenges in developing countries.


Please get in contact with us, we would love to include it in your City/Country.
Agrolly is the only free of charge, automated solution to help small farmers to risk assess their agriculture planning in an easy, visual, and interactive way. Our algorithms do the heavy lifting, bringing the best-fitted results of weather predictions to farmers' hands. While many paid companies focus on the forecast or have a website describing the crop weather conditions needs, there is no single, integrated digital platform that provides this service to farmers.
We help farmers risk assessment of their plans for planting. Buy giving a) Long-term forecast of rainfall and temperature for one year. b) visual & integrative crop risks for the location of each farmer, type of crop, and stage of the plantation. And much more.
Agrolly is totally free. No cost.
Agrolly is currently available to Androids and its available in google store. We plan to launch it in 2021 for ISO devices.
We chose to start in Mongolia, followed by Brazil. Mongolian had an increase in the temperature over the years, resulting in greater grassland aridity and shifting precipitation patterns. So Agrolly is fighting together with them in this new solution. Our pilot is scheduled to start in Brazil in September/2020.
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IBM Watson Assistant (Currently Implementing/ future scope)
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