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We provide the weather forecast (daily, weekly, and annually)

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Weather Forecast + Crops Needs + FAO

  • We provide a crop risk Assessment in an easy, visual, and interactive way.
  • Our algroithms do the heavy lifting, bringing the best-fitted result of weather prediction and crop risk assessment to farmers' hands.
  • Automatic data generated and tailored for the location, the type of crop, the growing stage of the crop, and forecast weather.
  • We use the guideline from the Food and Agriulture Organization for the United Nation(FAO) to calculate water needs.

Select the year and the day you want to start planting. Choose the place and crop you want to plant and press: "Fetch data"

The crop will display the temperature and water necessary condition for crop growth. Tailored by month, crop and stage of the crop.

We compare the crop water requried by the crop in the month and forcasted of the rainfall in the month.
GREEN shows that the paramether is satisfactory of has a lower probability of having an issue during the plaining duration
RED shows that the paramether might be an issue in the farmer's plants.

our structure
  1. App uses IBM’s Weather Company to display hourly and weekly forecasts based on the location of the user.
  2. We collect the weather information for the past 5 years from NASA and we generate annual predictions with the help of the IBM Watson studio.
  3. For more information related regression , please read our article here
  4. We use FAO's guideline for the Risk Mangament caulcualtion for more information see guideline here

For the 1st Phase, we focused on given farmers tools and knowledge to fight against changes in the weather